Our Staff of Custom Jewelry Artisans

Dwaine Ferguson, a Nebraska native, grew up on a ranch in the north central part of the state near a small town called Brewster. He studied architecture in Omaha and made sculpture as a hobby until his interest in jewelry making developed. In the early seventies, he studied with master jeweler Wayne Selzer in Bellevue, and subsequently opened the Silversmith in Omaha’s historic Old Market area. Initially a silver jewelry shop in Omaha’s then hippie district, the store eventually matured into a full service jeweler, specializing in all varieties of precious and semi-precious metals and gemstones. Dwaine takes a lot of time with each customer to insure that he is able to provide them with pieces of jewelry which truly “Dare to be Different”. Dwaine’s style can most be described as geometrically sleek and sophisticated and readily recognized by jewelry connoisseurs not only across the United States, but overseas as well. Goldsmith Silversmith has been operating in the same historic downtown location for 40 years as of February, 2014. View Dwaine's Collection >



Hele has been designing for the Goldsmith for over twenty five years. Born in Germany, she spent much of her early life traveling and living in such varied places as California, Japan, and France. She credits this global experience for the development of her appreciation for unique jewelry and cutting edge design. Because of her many years in the jewelry industry, she has an excellent knowledge of stones and metals and extensive experience in marrying the two. She is a 1989 Graduate of Bellevue University where she majored in fine art and minored in Journalism. She is bilingual in English and German, which is an added benefit when dealing with overseas customers or German jewelry artists. She considers her knowledge of pearls to be one of her strong suits and loves to design using the most unusual Tahitian and Freshwater varieties. Her design style can best be described as bold and dramatic, with a touch of the whimsical, inspired by the organic world which surrounds us. View Hele's Collection >



Marisa Adamson has been in and out of Goldsmith Silversmith since she was four years old. Her mom, who is also an artist,  immersed her into the jewelry and art world at a very young age. Art classes at the Bemis, extensive travel abroad, and a college degree in English followed soon after. Jewelry is but one of the many art outlets that Marisa is passionate about, and she considers herself incredibly lucky to be part of Goldsmith Silversmith’s artistic endeavors. Marisa’s designs are inspired by the unusual; her jewelry usually finds life after she is inspired by the unconventional, and her work tends to be abnormally large compared to usual standards. She loves the juxtaposition of rough and unfinished combined with brilliant and refined. Her visual appetite includes anything asymmetrical, uncut, and sparkly—very, very sparkly. You can find examples of Marisa’s designs in the Lark Books Publication of ‘500 Wedding Rings’ and on the cover of the 2006 Designer Jeweler’s Showcase Magazine. View Marisa's Collection >



When Heather Kita began playing with her aunt’s jewelry as a child her fascination and love for wearable art began to blossom. She was inspired to pursue her dream of being a world renowned jeweler when she met her high school art teacher, and found an outlet for her creative goal at Goldsmith Silversmith. Having worked with Dwaine for almost 10 years, she now has honed her skill and creates beautiful designs on a daily basis. Her jewelry can be described as organic, using various textures often found in nature. A visit to see Heather’s collection is like taking a walk in the woods on a summer’s day—rain, trees, stone, colors, and textures all coming together as one. Whether she is making a ring out of cocobolo wood and gold, or setting a brilliant champagne diamond on a pendant shaped like a lotus pod, she is a true metalsmith and talented designer. You can see examples of heather’s designs in the Lark Books Publication "500 Wedding Rings". View Heather's Collection >



Danielle Morgan was born in Omaha and is Dwaine’s daughter. She grew up surrounded by art and went to numerous art classes all her life. In high school she discovered pottery classes and won a few awards for her pottery. As a kid she would hang out with her dad in the store and play with the scrap jewelry. She started working part time in 2007 and it only took her a few months of working in the store doing computer work to decide that that she wanted to get her hands dirty. Kieran Anderson taught her the basics of soldering, some setting, and fabrication techniques. She hopes to further her education by taking courses across the country. View Danielle's Collection >



Cassie Leaders lives near Omaha, NE with her wonderful husband, two amazing children, a dog, and two cats. Cassie started making jewelry in high school and later apprenticed with a jeweler as part of her Art studies in college. After college she began working for, and featuring her designs, at the Goldsmith Silversmith.

She loves being a mom and the lighthearted, curious, tender atmosphere that her kids create... even though being a mom cuts way down on her "work time." She is blessed and grateful to have an outlet for creativity and is honored when she sees someone wearing one of her designs. View Cassie's Collection >


Linda Blumel Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, I currently live in the beautiful Sonoran desert in Scottsdale, Arizona with one dog, one cat, and one husband. We have been here almost 15 years and I have been making jewelry for more than 20 years!!! (That must mean I started at 7yrs. old? 17? Okay...whatever!!)

I love living in the desert, especially Oct. thru May :O) and I feel very fortunate to have the wonderful life that I do. It thrills me to no end that people want to wear the jewelry I have made and sometimes I can't quite believe it! Even after 20+ years, it still gives me a rush when someone orders a piece of my jewelry!! View Linda's Collection >


Ray & Ila Kunc The hobby of rock collecting evolved into a creative lifestyle for Ray and Ila Kunc.  Their search for many kinds of rocks and gemstones led them to wild out-of-the-way places.  They also encountered other hobbiests who were turning their "finds" into interesting jewelry pieces and works of lapidary art.  Ila enrolled in a silversmithing class and Ray picked up everything she was learning.  They visited the big gem and mineral shows in Tucson and began accumulating an   increasing variety of gemstone material from all over the world.  Since 1968 they have been working at the art and craft of jewelry making, using hand tools for the silversmithing projects.  Using diamond studded saw blades and polishing equipment, Ray is the stone cutter and polisher.  They both do fabricating of metals and Ila does lost wax casting.  Each rock that Ray cuts is examined with eager anticipation and sometimes disappointment as nature doesn't always make every rock perfect.  They have enjoyed sharing this interesting and worthwhile productivity.  It is much more that a hobby-it is a way of life. View Ray & Ila's Collection >