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The Bricks of Life Sterling Silver and Gold Ring

The Bricks of Life Sterling Silver and Gold Ring


Sterling silver ring with brick texture that has these words engraved in each brick happiness, love, family, health, loyalty, God, hope, honor, dignity, peace, kindness, trust, faith, friendship, courage, creativity, serenity and dreams. Nestled in the top part of the ring is a 14k yellow gold eagle.


Currently a size 10 , if that isn't your size, not to worry, we'll have it custom made for you in the right size.


This ring is priced at $1375. If you'd like to purchase this piece, please call us at (402) 342-1737.


Inspiration from the artist:

I asked my friends to write down ten words that mean the most to them. They all wrote down the same words. I was surprised to see that despite how much different we think we are from one another, deep down we all want the same things. This shows that we have much more in common than we think. There are far more things that unite us than separate us.


For thousands of years, philosophers have defined what these words mean, and I am certain you already know what they mean to you. What is fascinating is that these few words are the bricks upon which we build our lives. These words dictate our thinking. These words make us happy. These words make us sad.  We seek to honor these words, and perhaps we will even die for them. 


I am not certain that I know what these words mean to you, so I hope that you can define them on your own terms. 

  • The Earth is in the eye of the eagle. This symbolizes that the one who sees like an eagle can clearly define these words and their meaning. 
  • This ring is for the wise one. It is for the man who is aware of who he is, and who respects the needs of others.
  • This ring is for the one who sees the world from a different perspective, from far above, with the eyes of an eagle.
  • The world exists in your eyes.


-Chi Galatea Huynh

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