4 Tips on Jewelry Shopping for Others

Unless you have something specific in mind, buying jewelry for others can be intense. Any sales representative at your local jewelry store should be able to guide you in the right direction, but a few tips on how to shop for others can make the process a bit smoother. With so much to do and holiday shopping on the brain, we’re here to help make your holiday gift shopping experience a little less stressful and a little more tactful.

Observe Their Jewelry:

First things first. Look at and pay attention to the jewelry currently in their repertoire. More likely than not, you’ll recognize a pattern. Do they exclusively wear earrings? Do they mostly wear bracelets and necklaces? Do they wear a lot of rings? You wouldn’t want to buy your loved one a pair of earrings only to find out they’ll never wear them. Knowing what types of jewelry they like to wear is a great place to start.

Consider Color:

Color is an extremely important thing to consider when shopping for others. What is their favorite color? Which colors do you often see them wearing (this can be both clothing and jewelry). Do warm or cool colors often compliment their complexion? Both metals and gemstones come in a variety of colors and posing these questions can help narrow down the items you’ll choose from.

Understand Personal Style

This concept is a little trickier. Understanding someone’s personal style often requires an understanding of fashion language and trends as well as a little intuition. When we talk about personal style we often use certain buzz-words like “bohemian,” “classic”, “minimalist,” “funky,” or “bold.” If you know how your loved one characterizes their style you’re ahead of the game! This can be a great way to communicate your needs to your shopping attendant. Most of the time your sales representative will have good recommendations based on these types of descriptions.


Sometimes there is no budget, but this is typically not the case. Therefore considering your budget is go