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Fall Jewelry Trends for 2022


As the second week of autumn is taking its time to draw to a chilled close nostalgia swoops in to remind that time moves swiftly. Though, It is so human to think, in the summer, that it will never again be cold. Then, when cold clings to skin in the dead of winter to be completely stricken with the torment in believing that this particular chill is now eternal. The first week of autumn is quiet. A week which is nearly unnoticed in it's passing. The first week is for believing that the heatwave summer daydream may last forever. The second week is more obvious in it's nature. One which provides the annual change of temperature, the first orange leaf crunch, runway-hair wind speeds, and the annual necessity for weather induced costumery shift imposing shock.

To cut the struggle in wardrobe to weather alignment' studying the yearly and fashion do's and don'ts's is imperative.

For this, I consult the experts: The Inventors, the Fashion Gods: The Ready-To-Wear Fall Fashion Shows.

Photos curtesy of Vogue; Fall 2022 READY-TO-WEAR

courtesy of Chanel, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Sacai, Sacai, Emilio Pucci, Givenchy, Chanel, Givenchy, Sacai, Chanel

Fall Fashion shows leave nothing, and absolutely everything, to be desired. With expressive, avant garde silhouettes, the marriage of bright and neutral colors, drool-worthy stylistic choices, and a remodeling of all that had once been, "SO OUT!" into a practice reimagined.

Post view show desire for a wardrobe reinvention is only natural.

This fall, much inspiration is being pulled from childhood nostalgia, life as play, the perpetual ebb and flow of trends, characters admired by the masses, and statements of slow fashion.

The most notable aspect of the transition from summer to fall wardrobe is the piling on of layers as an attempt to cover up, the now post-summer paling skin, and create shapes with garments which resemble art more than clothing.

Jewelry is an essential component to the creation of an outfit with an enticing silhouette.

The following is a guide to six 2022 fall jewelry fashion and styling trends as seen in this years top shows.


The looooooong Necklace

A resurrection is upon us.

For countless seasons year after year the only necklaces seeing the light of day were dainty, potentially over-done, collar-bone-length chains. The rise of short necklaces completely obliterated the existence of any neck adornment longer than 20 inches. Trends bending to dainty, nearly barren, necks welcomed the mass genocide of long necklaces and statement neck pieces as wearable garments.

Though, this fall, the long necklace is making a comeback, and (fingers crossed) to stay.

Long necklaces are versatile in their styling.

When layering long necklaces allow them to overlap. Doing so creates intersecting lines which elevate the silhouette of an outfit as well as the look overall. Though, if overlapping is not in your personal style book try a choker, (they never go out of style) and a variety of longer necklaces beneath. Try a statement necklace in the form of pearls, a bold pendant, a bolo tie, whatever the adornment, make it looooong, the length is IN!

***oversized pendants were major on the runway this season as well. A statement to be worn at any length, provided it has friends, stacked or layered.

Bangles, Cuffs, & Bracelet Stacks

The banded bracelet marched up and down the runways ceaselessly in this year's Ready-To-Wear shows. Thin, and wide, straight, and organic bangles, cuffs, and bands of metal adorned models wrists, forearms, and biceps. This year, when it comes to bracelets, size does not matter, as even touch of metal can go a long way to create a cohesive look. Worn hovering above the sleeve of a sweater is a must try styling approach for the fall and winter.


With the arrival of sweater weather comes the marriage of scarf season, and as expressed on this season's runways, there may be a brooch affair! Elevate any look with a nod to the past, a thank you note to the box of dress up clothes which once lain in a grandmothers room. The treasure chest which once contained the brooch which now may be an heirloom, and the perfect adornment for fastening a scarf, elevating a coat, or pinning to ribbon and wearing as a statement choker.


While discussing fashion trends, style, fashion shows, and the Must Have Pieces for fall, remember that slow fashion is a romantic, and life-long passion.

Slow fashion begs us to find pieces we can wear, grow with, adapt, learn to wear in innovative an exciting ways, and never tire of!

There are pieces in our closet which must be tucked away for the winter, crop tops, white pants, shorts, and bikinis, but there are also pieces which are perfect for every season.

The choker is a piece to pack for every season, from day to night, to be dressed up or worn casually.

What could be better?

Versatility marks the value of a choker, style them to excite you.

Statement earrings

Bold earrings make perfect conversation starters, frame the face with, a statement, a question, and a choice. Most notably the earrings of the 2022 Fall Fashion shows had some edge to them. These ear adornments looked almost threatening, with blade- like lines, some notable floral designs, sharp edges, and every corner coming to a crisp point. The grand size of the earring will blend into and marry the silhouette of an outfit create interesting shapes.

Floral Jewelry

As Fashion Week drew to a close a sincere sense of wonder, delight, and nostalgia washed through the air as flashes of Carrie Bradshaw were mirrored in the styling genius of true NYFW models. Carrie Bradshaw, the main character and, "It Girl" of Sex and The City, its sequel, And Just Like That, and prequel The Carrie Diaries, had a profound love for wearing large floral accessories, and this fall the florals were fierce! Worn as earrings, brooches, wrist adornments, chokers, and long necklace dangles!


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