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Creating The Perfect Wedding Set

There are so many options to choose from when deciding on the perfect wedding band to pair with your engagement ring. Depending on your preferences you may want something classic and traditional, something unique to match your personality, or something in the middle. As designers and jewelers, we are here to offer guidance, showcase possibility, and ultimately establish clarity. We also hope to make the process fun! It is an important decision and can be a big purchase, we want to help you make the most of it.

  1. Embracing Tradition:

Probably the most iconic wedding set includes a white or yellow gold and diamond solitaire engagement ring, accented by a simple diamond band. It is typical for the diamond band to be close in width ( sometimes slightly wider or slightly skinnier) to the engagement ring. This achieves a nice balance in proportion and is one of the most classic options.

2. Classic With A Twist:

This style would be very similar to the traditional but with some slight differences. Perhaps you opt for an ultra thick band for your engagement ring or instead choose a diamond band that has a unique setting style. The overall silhouette and idea is the same, but there is some variation in setting style and proportion.

3. Vintage Inspired:

Vintage-inspired is fairly self-explanatory. However, there remains a deep well of options within this framework. Often with vintage we think about a very ornate attention to detail, more representation of nature, and all around more character.

4. Whimsical & Eclectic:

This style tells a story. Instead of going for tradition, you may want something that is completely unique to you or captures the essence of your personality. There are many ways to approach this style as it is specific to the wearer. This could include more organic shapes, a unique silhouette, a lot of fine detail, representation of different objects, the list goes on and on.

5. Romantic:

Romantic could be considered a mix of classic, vintage, and whimsical; not veering too far into one specific aesthetic. You might describe this style as playful and feminine while still following a classic template.

6. Two Tone:

A two-tone style is all about combining different metal colors in a clever way. A mixed metal set works really well when there is some type of defining quality threaded through the combination. Different design elements that could add cohesion to a two-tone look would be line, shape, and proportion. However there are several other ways to achieve an effortless mixed metal style.

7. Alternative

Perhaps white diamonds aren't your thing. Maybe you don't want something super sparkly or shiny and dainty. Whether its the color of the stone, finish of the metal, setting style, or proportion, different materials and design elements can be changed to reflect a different perspective or "vibe."

8. Ultra-Modern

Much like any other art f0rm, jewelry design is going through a constant evolution. Aesthetics, function, mood, material, and anything else that might influence the zeitgeist of modern society will be revealed through its arts. How does this apply to a wedding ring set you might ask? Although there is no definitive correct answer, one might consider unusual color combinations, minimalism, and clean yet dynamic lines defining traits of an ultra-modern look.

Jewelry truly is as open-ended as any art form. There is no easy way to sum up or simplify the possibilities when creating a functioning piece of artwork. However, we can at least identify the material at hand and create a framework for well established ideas. When selecting rings to symbolize your commitment to another person, it really boils down to your personality and your relationship to the material.


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