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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Let's Make This Easy

The time for realizing that gifting holidays are just around the corner has arrived!

Gifts can be tricky, so in hopes of making the task of giving a bit easier, we have compiled a list of gift-able items. A gift is a gesture everyone is excited to receive, and the best gifts are either practical, or sentimental.

Welcome to Goldsmith Silversmith's seven categories of jewelry anyone would be thrilled to receive this holiday season. Pieces available at Goldsmith Silversmith ranging from affordable to luxury prices.

1. Necklace or Chain

Weather it be a statement piece, delicate decoration, or every day's talisman, neck adornments are often crucial to the dressing process.


2. Hoop Earrings

No matter if gold or silver is more within the price, or taste range of the recipient, a pair of quality hoop earrings are a must-have in any jewelry wearer's closet.

A set of dainty hoops could become a new everyday wear, practical, thoughtful, and elegant. Good things come in small packages!


Sterling Silver Lipstick Charm

3. Charms

With the potential of sounding completely cheesy, a gift of sentimental value, or practical use, is usually the best gift of all.

Charm bracelets are perfect everyday accessories which provide a reminder of some special memory. Find a charm representing a play you watched together, or an outing to se the sandhill crane migration, trip to Paris, a first date at a haunted house, a moment.

It is a small gift, but it shows thoughtfulness and care.

Now you're thinking, "But they don't own a charm bracelet."

Fret not!

Your loved one does not currently obtain a charm bracelet?


Gift a bracelet empty of charms! The bracelet will fill as memories are created together through adventure, exploration, and life's moments.

Could this thought be too cheesy?

Potentially, but the holidays are all about cheese! Love, cheer, and a buzz of magic dances around in omnipresence during the holiday season.

Why not lean into it a bit?

Also, bonus points to the giver; the charm bracelet is a gift which keeps on giving!

Not only has a tradition been inadvertently created, but the next several gift giving moments or holidays are already in the bag!

Another charm!

***If a charm bracelet is not really within the gift receiver's wardrobe wheel house perhaps a silver chain bracelet. There are a variety of links, widths, heaviness, and price points.


Oxidized Sterling Silver and 24K Yellow Gold Bracelet with Semi Precious Gemstones created by Kahraman Silver

4. Bracelet

Jewelry is a gift sure to provide delight. Though, some pieces may feel a bit too monumental in this particular moment.

To combat this, when shopping for an avid ring wearer and wanting to avoid rings for fear of coming on too strong, or gifting an item one may accept as a promise rather than a present, look to bracelets!

Bracelets are the perfect piece of jewelry to gift to a loved one, mom, friend, or lover.

There is no underlying potential ceremonial tradition to follow the gift of a bracelet.

A gift which has little to no probability of being read into, and delivering joy? Seems like the most perfect option.

***While they are an exhausted idea in the realm of the internets annual "Men's Christmas Wish List" ideas, a watch is a thoughtful and fashionable gift, and an alternative to a bracelet.


5. sterling ring

Gifting rings may be a bit challenging when not wanting to gift something and have it mistaken as a grand gesture.

Though, a simple band for stacking, a silly animal, a piece of jewelry to represent one's heritage, birthstone, or a bug could be the perfect gift for a loved one.


6. pearl earrings

Every pearl is unique, like a fingerprint, or a woman. A common phrase coined by a well-known pearl enthusiast states. This sentiment in particular makes a set of pearls a personal, and immediately unique gift. Also, pearl studs go with everything, there is no potential in gifting the "wrong" pearl studs. They are all the perfect pair.


7. Diamond Studs

Traditional white diamonds pair with any and every outfit.

They are classic, elegant, and perfect in every way. Diamonds are always high on the list of recommended holiday gifts.

When shopping for someone who Dares To Be Different, put a twist on traditional styles.

Like these hexagon black diamonds


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