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Happy Gotcha Day Finn!

January 23rd!

On any given day, as the front door swings open and familiar faces pop in, eyes wide and hands outstretched toward the floor, a clarity washes over the room.

Then, the search begins.

Goldsmith Silversmith's most well-known employee is, by a landslide, Finnigan. A cat with a menagerie of names bestowed upon him by employees, customers, and the Nebraska Humane Society. Names including but not limited to; Finnigan, Finn, Finnie, Finn The Human, Finnaldo, Finley, and beyond.

His favorite place is basking in the synthetic sunlight of the jewelry cases. He rests hen-style hovering over the gemstones and keeping them in sweet, warm company.

If the search proves to be unsuccessful it is safe to assume he is upstairs lounging in his heated bed. This is a round, plush throne next to a window at the perfect cat-height to provide an opportune viewing area for gazing and chattering at the Old Market Birds.

Finnigan is a cat of many talents. Though, he is primarily helpful in the gift wrapping department. His skills range from gathering ribbons and sorting out loose ends to initiating games of Hide The Gift. A game in which he pulls a heist after mistaking a bow atop a ring box as one if his toys. Finn's skill in gift wrapping, prank playing, and smile placing has graced the lives and touched the hearts of all whom enter Goldsmith Silversmith.

Finnigan arrived at our shop on January 23, 2021.

All thanks to a tip from a regular customer, and Omaha Local, who donates much of her time to the Nebraska Humane Society.

For months Dwaine, Goldsmith Silversmith owner, had been aching to find a Maine Coon to employ at the shop. When the conversation first arose and Dwaine found himself ready to welcome another fluffy employee, he asked our NEHS spy to keep an eye out.

At this time, two years had passed since the loss of Copper. A name bestowed upon Finnigan's spunky, personality-filled predecessor who enchanted the lives of customers and employees for 22 years.

Copper is forever with us in spirit.

He and Finnigan seem to have bonded on a deeper, more spiritual level.

Copper's spirit rests atop one of our wall cases, and Finnigan often spends time with him, resting on a case below, or curled up on his level.

To work alongside Finnigan is an eternal privilege and delight.

Luck does not begin to scrape the surface of how enchanted we are to know him, to have him as a part of our team for the last two years, and how excited we are to continue to do so for many many more Gotcha Days to come.


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