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The Art Of Ring Stacking

Fashion trends, in general, run on a periodical clock. Trend repetition occurs every 20-30 years as designers and younger generations are inspired by the past. A trend which once was will find its way back into the normalized fashion gaze of today as another is fazed out. Then, awaiting resurrection. This cycle appears through the rise and fall of bell bottoms, leggings worn outside of the gym, eyebrow shapes, shades of gold, blush placements, and beyond. However, ring-stacking is a new fashion phenomena of all it's own. A fashion born and bred in the 20th century, (aside from a couple exceedingly rare accounts from the 16-18th centuries) this trend never cycles, and only continues to grow in popularity.

We must offer credit where it is due, and admit that layering talismans in the form of jewelry is an art of which dates back to Ancient Times. The documentations of various ring-arrangements recorded between the 16-18th centuries are mainly paintings of royals with whom set the standard for fashion in that time. In these paintings it is clear that the preference was to place a single ring on every finger rather than stacking many high on one, though it was not overlooked.

Ring stacking in a traditional fashion is exhibited through bridal rings. Most often, a bride will wear an engagement ring with a wedding band atop. This is a tradition which has lasted through decades and has evolved into engagement ring jackets and a variety of other metal-overlapping designs which create a unique statement. Often the idea, which started with an ad campaign by a major jewelry store to sell more diamonds in the 90s, is that a woman's left hand is to express her relationship; this is "for him" while the right hand is to express personal style; "for her."

As far as Fashion Ring Stacking goes the most important style component is personality, and the most important rule is that there are none! Not even the one regarding right and left hand statements applies as the add campaign failed miserably! Now, a proposed fashion statement without rules may be daunting but fear not for ring stacking is a style component which revolves entirely around creating fun within an already fabulous outfit!

When layering think about what you want to say and let your stacks speak for themselves. Collect talismans, add a few meaningful gemstones, a birthstone, a signet ring, or diamonds from an ancestor to a couple fingers. Find rings from vintage stores, buy a birthday eternity ring. Build dimension to a look by mixing metals, band widths, and jewelry styles ranging from the dainty and delicate to chunky structured pieces.

As trends continue to be born, die, resurrect, and cycle it is foreseeable that ring stacking may be one way to remain sustainable in the fashion world. Fast fashion trend cycles and overconsumption are a major stressor to the global climate crisis. Take inspiration from those with whom have come before, and place meaning within layers of jewelry. Just as amulets were important to the people of Ancient Egypt see these rings as talismans, armour, wear them all, and wear them loudly. Wear more rings than fingers to wear them on, and never let them go! Shine on and shine through with style.


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