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Engagement Rings; Expanding Perspective

Engagement ring shopping can be overwhelming, especially upon entering a custom jewelry shop where the possibilities are endless. However, the process can be fun, exciting, and engaging (no pun intended) if you let it! Many of us are familiar with classic and traditional styles of engagement rings: solitaire diamonds, there-stone clusters, diamond accented bands, and halo-style rings, just to name a few. Although these styles are considered timeless, there is a plethora of alternative, unusual, and contemporary designs that are often overlooked when looking for an engagement ring.

A New Take on the Solitaire Engagement Ring:

Solitaires are a no-brainer. They are the classic engagement silhouette and do an impeccable job of showcasing your diamond ( or stone of choice). We are used to seeing this style as a white diamond, set in the center, surrounded by prongs, and resting on a narrow band. But what if we took one of these elements and changed it ever so slightly? The result is a modern classic. Think a funky shaped alternative diamond, an 0ff-set stone, bezel or flush settings, or an ultra-wide band. Choosing just one of these design elements or a combination of, can take your solitaire style ring from classic to contemporary.


Another fresh perspective on ring design is use of organic form and texture. Definitely off-the-beaten path, organic elements can bring your piece to life. Although an unusual choice, an engagement ring with an organic design may give the wearer the illusion of something that was created thousands of years ago or uncovered straight from the earth. Why not approach your engagement piece like the sculptural wearable art that it is?


Another remix on classic design. Some of us long for and romanticize the past and it shows up in our fashion and sense of style. Vintage pieces and old trends have a way of resurfacing time and time again and engagement rings are no exception. Although opting for a truly vintage engagement ring is a simple and elegant choice, designing and creating a vintage-inspired piece can be an exciting alternative that opens the door to innovation and ingenuity. Mixing vintage and modern aesthetics is a great way to create something undeniably original.

Alternative Gemstones:

Another attractive way to switch up the status quo is by incorporating alternative gemstones into your engagement ring. This could mean a different type of precious gemstone as your center or accent stones or even an alternative type of diamond (black, color-treated, rustic, or salt-and-pepper). Alternative gemstones add color, depth, and character to any jewelry piece.

Whether you are sticking to tried-true designs or stepping outside the box, the search for the perfect engagement ring should be fun! Making such a large purchase can be stressful, but it helps to remember the why and the who behind that purchase! Thinking about your person and how you can capture their essence in a piece of jewelry can be a great place to start when deciding on the right engagement ring.


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