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8 Reasons an Independent Jeweler is Better than a Chain Store

8 Reasons an Independent Jeweler is Better than a Chain Store

Quotes from fellow independent jewelers

Jeweler at Bench

#1. Flexibility

Independent jewelers can go outside of corporate policies and be flexible with clients as needed. That is a huge selling point. We can offer in house financing, discount to match if needed, waive fees for repairs, etc. - Sicily Von

#2. Better Products

Retail is not just about supporting your community. At the end of the day, I also appreciate a superior product. We should avoid relying on the emotional pull of ship local and focus on our finer quality jewelry. - Matthew Johnson

#3. Knowlege

An independent jeweler is passionate and incredibly knowledgeable. Independent jewelers are a wealth of resources and experiences at your fingertips. Much more than a novice can accumulate through web surfing even within weeks of scrolling. - Jody Darlene Kahlich

#4. Unique Product

You can tell your customer there is only one right like this in the world. - Dwaine Ferguson

#5. Service

I legitimately care is the customer is happy. I'm not just trying to hit a number or get that credit app. Worked at a major chain for way too many years before I made the switch. I;m genuinely embarrassed about how I was trained to treat customers there. - Kaitlynn Coffey

#6. Caring Relationships

I care that your Dad now has Alzheimer's and you have to sell Mom's ring to pay for your Dad's care. I loved hearing the story of him refurbishing cars and winning 'Best in Show'. The sentimental stories are why we care. The 'corporate and big box' store usually don't allow for those types of relationships to develop. - Yhtac Kciwner

#7. Excellent Experience

Because jewelry is personal and intimate. What is intimate at a big box store? Passion for excellence an detail and service to blow them away giving the an excellent experience of buying something they will use to create a happy memory, possibly for many generations. - Stacey Horcher

#8. Help Local Economy

Buying from a small store, you are supporting someone's dream of being part of a community. When people want a donation for their fundraiser they always hit the small stores. Why? Because they see the owner is invested in the community. Small stores are paying their fair share of taxes that help pay for education in their community (school). The money stays in the local economy. - Joseph Shiver

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